Yatri House of Events

Yatri House of Events is an event company established with the purpose of promoting Nepalese art, culture, tradition, and festivals. Our vision is to strength the community connection through various projects.

Upcoming Event

Hip Hop & Rap Battle Night

Postponed to February

Yatri House of Events

We plan to offer Sports Events, Music festivals, Conferences, Charity Events, Wellness Programs, and Innovative projects.

Yatri House of Events was established on 23rd February 2021, in Melbourne, with the collaborative efforts of experienced, energetic, and passionate team members specialized in creating an element of surprise with elegance. Our professional, organizing, and managing events for the best interest of the clients. We look forward to offering our service to a diverse community.


Past Events

Holi Festival

Thamel Night

Thamel Night

Babu Believer
Aka Fire
Plus Divide

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Our artists for upcoming event

Swopnil maharjan
DJ Groove Veda
Dj Vika

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Our artists for upcoming event

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Music Festival