The Bonfire Musical Night

Winter is fast approaching, and we already feel the chill in the air. It can be challenging to come up with fun activities to fill your time especially during winter. So, we are here to conquer your winter boredom.

Yatri House Of Events presents 2021 winter special “The Bonfire Musical Night”. The event is featuring artist of this generation Nattu Shah & Sonam. Additionally, DJ Jack will be firing up the dance floor with the best music to bring out everyone’s youthful essence of life. We invite you to be entertained with live songs, dance performances, band performances, good food, good drinks and good company.

Event Details

Name: The Bonfire Musical Night

Date: 26th July, 2021

Location: Royal Melbourne Hotel, 629 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000

Time: 8:30 pm to late night  

Expected crowd: 600+

Artist: Nattu Shah & Sonam, Amrit Bharati

Band: Scarlet Queen

DJ: Jack

Attire: casual

Theme: Winter Party